Report: More Marketing Emails are Making it to Recipients’ Inboxes

Marketers are consistently turning to email to reach out to their target audiences, and new research shows that their emails are now successfully hitting the inboxes of recipients more than ever before.

Return Path recently conducted the “2018 Deliverability Benchmark Report,” which found that the average global inbox placement increased by five percentage points this year (85 percent versus 80 percent in the previous 12 months). This indicates that more marketing emails are successfully reaching the inboxes of customers and prospects.

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In the U.S., in particular, U.S. subscribers reached the inbox an average of 83 percent of the time – an increase of six percentage points over the previous period.

Among the top four mailbox providers (AOL, Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo), marketers were most successful at reaching AOL inboxes (97 percent) in the second quarter of 2018. This was followed by Gmail (93 percent), Yahoo (92 percent) and Outlook (75 percent).

Email Marketing Effectiveness Continues to Rise

This is not the first research to indicate that email marketing effectiveness is on the rise. Recently, DemandMetric teamed up with Return Path to conduct “The State of Email Marketing” report to determine how email is being leveraged by marketers to achieve top objectives. Nearly 78 percent of those who said their effectiveness is improving are utilizing email to build brand awareness.

Approximately 77 percent of those whose effectiveness is rising stated that they use email to communicate with their prospects, and 60 percent who said the same use email to generate revenue.

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