Report: Most Content Marketers Now Strive to Increase Brand Awareness

Many content marketers are focused on improving brand awareness through their strategies, but as new research shows, this top goal is not always the easiest to achieve.

Ascend2 recently published the “Content Marketing Engagement Survey” and statistics showed that improving brand awareness is the primary objective for most marketers (55 percent) who utilize a content marketing engagement strategy. However, this same goal is also the most critical challenge, according to the majority of respondents (42 percent).

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This is followed by increasing sales revenue (41 percent), improving sales lead quality (33 percent) and increasing website traffic (31 percent).

Overall, most marketers (56 percent) only consider themselves “somewhat successful” when it comes to achieving their primary objectives with a content marketing engagement strategy. About five percent admit that they are overall “unsuccessful.”

B2B Marketers See More Success with Innovative Content

B2B marketers, in particular, may benefit from developing more innovative content if they hope to achieve their primary objectives, according to previous research.

NetLine published the “2019 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report” and found that Executive VPs (22 hours) and Individual Contributors (24 hours) are typically the fastest to consume content. C-Level prospects (29 hours) and Company Owners (38 percent) lag behind, suggesting that marketers may see more success with innovative content types.

However, B2B marketers seem to be hitting the mark when it comes to offering gripping content, overall. In a year-to-year comparison, time to consume requested content has gone down by 26 percent among Consultants, and 25 percent among Executive VPs.

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