Report: Most Marketers Lack Real-time Data Needed for Customer Engagement

As marketers continue to seek different ways to effectively engage their customers, new research indicates that a lack of analytics is hindering their success.

MoEngage recently published “The State of Insights-led Engagement Report 2022,” and statistics suggested that the majority of marketers (33.9%) cite a lack of real-time analytics as their top customer engagement challenge. This is followed by a lack of understanding around which channels are most effective and when (18.6%), and inactionable data (16.8%).

When it comes to the various tools that marketers are leveraging, the majority (23.1%) are using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Additionally, 20.9% are utilizing a multichannel customer engagement platform (CEP), while 19.5% are leveraging a customer data platform.

“Even though marketers are using a combination of CRM and multichannel CEP, there lies an opportunity to deep dive into customer insights,” wrote the authors of the report.

Finding Access to Key Marketing Data and Analytics

Although data and analytics may be readily available to marketers, previous research has suggested that many still have trouble accessing it.

Nielsen released its “Era of Alignment: Future-focused Strategies for Brand Building and Customer Acquisition” report, and statistics indicated that 36% of marketers still find data access to be “extremely/very difficult.” About 35% claimed that they also find their data accuracy/quality to be “extremely/very difficult.”

“To overcome these challenges, marketers need to prioritize their data strategies, complete with an investment in first party data — the data companies collect directly from users or people in a consent compliant way,” stated the researchers behind the report.

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