Report: Most Marketers Now Grappling with Multiple Pieces of Martech

Marketers have a wide array of technology at their fingertips. However, new research suggests that this abundance is becoming more overwhelming as they execute their digital marketing strategies.

SharpSpring, in conjunction with Ascend2, recently published “The State of MarTech” report. Statistics showed that most marketers (52%) have between one and three tools in place to run and/or measure their campaigns. About 27% have between four and six tools, while 12% have between seven and 10 tools at their disposal.

“Technology stacks can easily become crowded, full of disparate tools that don’t speak the same language,” wrote the authors of the report. “This can cause major issues including wasted budget and time as well as missing or siloed data, all of which result in creating lackluster experiences for the customer.”

The majority of marketers (83%) agree that consolidating tools in their marketing and sales tech stacks would boost productivity and efficiency.

Making the Most of Marketing Technology

The abundance of marketing technology (martech) is nothing new, and previous research has shown that CMOs have been aiming to consolidate more of it as of late.

BrandMaker conducted the “2021 State of Marketing Operations” report, and data indicated that most CMOs (51%) would have liked to have seen their team better integrate their martech stack this year. The majority of CMOs (42%) also stated that they have “pockets of great martech,” but there have been gaps that have impacted their abilities.

“Only one in 10 (10%) CMOs characterize themselves as completely satisfied with their martech stack, which leaves ample opportunities for marketing ops teams to seek out more relevant solutions to deliver the desired business outcomes and close the gaps in their existing technology,” noted the researchers of the report.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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