Report: Most Marketers Only ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ with Existing CRM Solutions

Many marketers utilize a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to provide an optimal experience to their target audience. However, new research suggests that the majority are not satisfied with the CRM solution they are currently using.

Insightly recently published “The State of CRM” report, and statistics indicated that most respondents (62%) were only “somewhat satisfied” with their existing CRM platform, and 15% were “somewhat unsatisfied” altogether. Only 21% of respondents stated that they were “extremely satisfied” with the CRM solution they are using.


Some of the benefits of leveraging CRM that respondents cited were better customer data (44%), more organized/streamlined processes (43%), and an improved customer experience (36%). This highlighted the importance of finding a CRM solution that works for teams across the organization as a whole.

Refining the Customer Experience with Marketing Data

Marketers continue to seek ways to improve the customer experience (CX), and previous research indicates that many are specifically turning to data to achieve this goal.

Precisely partnered with Corinium to conduct the “How Data is Driving Next-Generation Customer Experiences” report, and data suggested that most marketers (53%) are still developing the capabilities they need to provide data-driven CX. Only 37% said they already had well-developed data architecture in place to do so.

Furthermore, 10% of respondents stated that they were not able to make the best use of their data to enhance the customer experience. This highlights room for improvement in this area.

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