Report: Omnichannel Marketing Yielding Positive Results for B2B Marketers

As B2B marketers expand their budgets to improve upon demand generation, new research suggests that implementing an omnichannel strategy may be the key to success.

HipB2B recently partnered with Ascend2 to publish “The State of Demand Generation” report, and statistics indicated that only 25% of B2B marketers are currently leveraging omnichannel marketing tactics, and just 11% have an official omnichannel strategy in place that is measurable across all channels. However, respondents cited several benefits associated with omnichannel marketing, including improved lead quality (43%), increased ROI/sales (43%), and increased brand awareness (41%).

In general, most B2B marketers (47%) use their product marketing budget to execute their omnichannel program. Approximately 33% turn to their demand generation budget, while 29% utilize their content budget. Only 20% have an omnichannel-specific budget.

Gaining a B2B Marketing Advantage with Data

In addition to implementing an omnichannel strategy, previous research indicates that B2B marketers may be able to gain an edge by utilizing existing data.

MRP conducted its “State of ABM Maturity” report, and statistics suggested that 43% of high-performing marketers those who choose a more mature approach for each element of their marketing program 100% of the time — are 2.5 times more likely to use advanced data sources, compared to their counterparts.

Approximately 62% of high performers make it a point to organize their account-based data from contact-based systems. This makes it simpler to access for deeper insights and accurate reporting.

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