Report: Organizations Continue to Undervalue Social Media Marketing Data

Marketers know that there is a wide array of resources at their fingertips to help them resonate with their customers and prospects. However, new research suggests that many are under utilizing social media.

Sprout Social recently published its “Sprout Social Index XVII: Accelerate” report, and statistics showed that 47% of marketers say social data is viewed as a resource that influences strategy for multiple teams. However, 46% still claim that their organization only views social media marketing data strictly as a marketing resource.

Fortunately, marketers appear to be leveraging social data to achieve their top objectives. The majority (55%) said that they are utilizing it to understand their target audience. Nearly 48% say they are using it to develop creative content, and 32% claim to use it to analyze trends.

B2B Marketers and Social Media Channels

Among the social channels being leveraged, previous research suggested that B2B marketers, in particular, were turning to Instagram more frequently.

SageFrog published its “2021 B2B Marketing Mix Report,” and data indicated that among the most used social media channels, LinkedIn still reigns supreme, with 86% of respondents citing this outlet as a key component of their social media strategy.

However, Instagram usage rose about 30% from last year to 60%. This suggests that more B2B marketers are utilizing this platform to reach out to their customers and prospects.

YouTube also jumped by 20% to 56%, indicating that video content may becoming more critical to B2B marketers, as well as their audience.

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