Report: On-page Content is Top Tactic for SEO Marketers

As marketers refine their SEO objectives, they are finding that on-page content is the most effective tactic in terms of achieving their goals.

The “Search Engine Optimization Tactics Survey” from Ascend2 recently looked at how marketers are aligning their SEO goals with their tactics. The report discovered that for the majority of marketers (57 percent), on-page content is the most effective strategy when it comes to meeting SEO objectives.

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According to respondents, increasing website traffic (33 percent) is the most important goal when it comes to an SEO strategy. This is followed by increasing search rankings (28 percent), boosting sales revenue (25 percent), and increasing conversion rate (14 percent).

While on-page content is helping marketers the most when it comes to SEO objectives, there are still a number of challenges. Link building (52 percent) is the most difficult SEO tactic for marketers to execute, followed by website structure (39 percent).

Just 29 percent of marketers listed on-page content as a challenging SEO tactic to execute.

Enterprise Marketers and SEO Objectives

To overcome SEO obstacles, enterprise-level marketers, in particular, are turning to tactics such as keyword research.

This is according to the “State of Enterprise SEO in 2017” report from SEO Clarity and partners North Star Inbound and BuzzStream. Approximately 83.7 percent of successful marketers claim that they decide what to create or optimize after they conduct keyword research. Nearly 55.1 percent consider topic importance in their respective industries, while 29.1 percent look at how competitors have a highly ranked page for it.

The majority of enterprise marketers (45 percent) have been investing more than $20,000 in SEO each month.

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