Report: Poor Data Quality Impacting B2B Lead Generation

According to an analysis of more than 775,000 leads from B2B marketers released by Integrate, a demand generation software platform for enterprise and small business organizations, 40 percent of all leads generated have poor data quality.

The study found that poor data quality, which includes duplicate data, invalid entries, failed email/address validation, and missing form fields are all aspects of poor data quality.

Poor Data Quality Affects 40% of The Leads Generated For SMB & Enterprise Businesses

Poor Data Quality Affects 40% of The Leads Generated For SMB & Enterprise Businesses

Integrate states that having an awareness of data quality often goes unchecked, as many marketers don’t realize how poor data can affect client retention and potential revenue leads. They cited another source, SiriusDecisions, which found that “25 percent of the average B2B marketer’s database is inaccurate and 60 percent of companies have an overall data health of ‘unreliable.'”

The report states that bad quality data, also called “dirty data” in the report, impacts B2B marketing plans because it not only undermines your company’s quality content efforts (by not properly getting them to the highest quality leads), but it can also lead to low response and click-through rate, meaning that your marketing budgets may suffer.  In addition, findings reported on SiliconANGLE found that 75% of companies waste an average of 14% of revenue on bad data.

A quote from Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at TOPO, wrapped up Integrate’s report, saying,

“Data hygiene isn’t sexy, but it has to be part of the process used to support your marketing infrastructure. Basically, with bad data you’re leaving money on the table.”

CRMFusion states that bad data can lead to bad business decisions, misleading CRM reports, inaccurate sales forecasting, and low quality customer service (due to not having the whole picture).

Screenshots of PDF report mentioned in study taken 2/1/2015.

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Melissa Sopwith — Melissa Sopwith, Marketing Manager, Guidon Performance Solutions, a Teletech Company

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