Report Shows Disconnect Between B2B Content Strategies and Buyers

Slide from StudyIn a report titled, “Missing the Mark: Global Content Survey of Brand Marketers and Their B2B Audiences,” released by The Economist Group this week, 75 percent of marketers said that mentions of their products and services were a frequent part of their content strategy. However, 71 percent of executives say that they do not have a positive impression of content that feels like a sales pitch, showing a disconnect between marketers and B2B buyers.

In terms of content marketing resources, 71 percent of B2B professionals find articles to be the most helpful resources in terms of business-related matters. Fifty-one percent of survey respondents said that research reports were most important, while 27 percent cited briefing papers. At the bottom of the list were newsletters (19 percent) and events (8 percent).

When it comes to making business decisions, 85 percent of those who were surveyed said that they prefer text over video and audio content. Also, mobile devices are not playing a large role in how content is consumed, according to this report — about 78 percent of respondents said they use their laptop or desktop to view the content.

The Economist Group surveyed 500 global business executives on what they are looking for from content providers, and 500 global marketers on how they are building their content strategy. Peppercomm worked in association with The Economist Group to gather the results.

The Importance of Measuring Marketing Efforts

In the 2014 State of the Inbound report released by HubSpot, data shows that more than 20 percent of marketers do not measure the ROI of their inbound marketing efforts. This is compared to 53 percent of marketers who said that they try to keep track of the ROI.

While some people are still ignoring the opportunity to measure ROI, those who do are reaping the benefits, according to the report. Researchers discovered that marketers who keep track of ROI are 17 times more likely to see the same or greater ROI over the previous year.

“After all, higher performing marketers are more likely to measure results, thus they are also more likely to drive growth,” wrote the authors of the report. “Nevertheless, there’s a strong correlation between simply measuring ROI and achieving it. Marketers that are not currently measuring ROI should begin immediately, because eventually they will nee a baseline against which to establish year-over-year performance.”

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