Report: Social Media Engagement Remains Steady on Instagram for Marketers

As marketers look to improve their ROI on social media, new research suggests that they may want to stay away from Twitter and Facebook, which appear to be falling out of favor among prospects and customers.

SocialInsider recently published the “2021 Social Media Industry Benchmarks” report, and statistics showed that companies are yielding an average engagement rate of just 0.07% on Twitter as of 2020. Facebook had an average engagement rate per post of only 0.27%, indicating that it is not fairing much better.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Instagram had an average engagement rate of 1.16%, suggesting that this may be the best outlet for marketers across the board.

Social Media Marketing and Facebook Familiarity

Despite the fact that Facebook is not leading the way in terms of social media marketing, previous research indicates that marketers are still turning to it to generate ROI.

Rival IQ conducted its “Social Media Industry Benchmark” report, and statistics suggested that across all industries, marketers post an average of 5.5 posts per week on Facebook. This surpasses both Instagram (4.0 posts) and Twitter (4.4 posts), indicating that the majority of marketers are still turning to this familiar platform on a regular basis.

“Social media success is about so much more than getting the most comments or likes: it’s about increasing engagement while also growing or maintaining the percentage of your audience that engages as you expand your audience,” wrote the authors of the report.

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Melissa Sopwith — Melissa Sopwith, Marketing Manager, Guidon Performance Solutions, a Teletech Company

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