Marketers Expect Video to Replace Display Banners as Top Mobile Ad Format in 2016

While display banners may have been favored by mobile marketers in the past, the evolution of video has changed their direction. Now, new research from Trusted Media Brands indicates that video will become the new go-to form of mobile ad content for marketers.

According to the research, about 45 percent of respondents claim that they already use video ads, and 46 percent claim that they will continue to do so through 2016.

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“Looking at the survey results, increased brand awareness is the number one benefit of video ads on mobile,” the researchers said. “Engagement and ‘better interactive from users’ were second and third.”

While 63 percent of respondents stated that they use display banners at the moment, just 45 percent claim that they will continue to do so in 2016. As marketers continue to utilize native advertising, their top challenge remains measuring success.

The Shift in Native Advertising Budgets

Although marketers may be changing their views on advertising, they had been planning for more investment in native ads in 2015. A report released by PulsePoint and Digiday in May 2015 predicted that by 2017, native advertising budgets will grow by 46 percent.

These predictions may or may not be realized, but the new data from Trusted Media Brands hints that native’s growth in mobile may be smaller than projected by the previous report.

In addition to shifting more money to native advertising, PulsePoint and Digiday also forecasted a 59 percent increase in content marketing budgets by 2017.

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