Report: Video Marketing and ABM Remain Popular Among B2B Marketers

As 2019 continues to roll on, new research suggests that video marketing and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies will grow in prominence, specifically among B2B marketers.

Spiceworks recently surveyed more than 350 B2B marketers to gauge which trends are on the rise and gaining hype among professionals in the field. Statistics showed that the most mainstream trends are currently video marketing (68 percent), ABM strategy (64 percent) and on-demand content strategy (55 percent).

In terms of which trends are looming, influencer marketing strategy (48 percent) is gaining ground. This is followed by purchase-intent targeting (44 percent) and advertising on emerging social channels (44 percent).

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That being said, there are some trends that are still niche. Generational campaigns (30 percent), chatbot-powered marketing (30 percent) and VR- or AR-based customer experiences (14 percent) continue to be relatively niche, according to the survey results.

Marketers and Adopting New Trends in Strategy

While some marketers have been quick to adopt trending strategies, previous research suggests that many are still lagging when it comes to adopting the next wave of technology.

DemandLab and Ascend2 conducted a report titled, “2018 Leadership Perspectives: Leveraging Data and Technology to Drive Marketing Success,” and found that 76 percent of marketers already consider their marketing data and technology strategy to be “somewhat” or “very successful.” Only 25 percent are focused on next-wave innovations, such as predictive marketing and artificial intelligence.

“The response suggests that marketing leaders are playing it safe with their marketing strategies,” wrote the authors of the report. “Using data to drive better decisions, leveraging technology to streamline operations, and focusing on data integration are all good plays, but they’re also safe plays.”

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