Report: VR and 360-Degree Marketing Videos Can Generate Brand Favorability

As virtual reality and 360-degree videos become more widely used, individuals are showing favorability toward immersive marketing and advertising tactics.

A survey conducted by YuMe recently asked more than 800 participants in the U.S. about their attitudes on using immersive technology, such as VR, to better understand marketing and advertising. About 60 percent who tried VR said that it created a more positive view of brands.

Additionally, 51 percent of respondents who saw 360-degree videos claimed that they were more likely to engage with an advertisement in this format.

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“We believe the appetite for immersive ad experiences is growing rapidly and that savvy brands and agencies who want to interact authentically with consumers and drive higher engagement should explore these ad formats,” said Tripp Boyle, vice president of emerging platforms at YuMe.

Nearly 54 percent of individuals said that they pay more attention to 360-degree videos. Approximately 51 percent stated that brands that use VR are more innovative, and 45 percent said the same about 360-degree videos.

Video Technology and Marketing

In 2017, companies appear to be leaning toward video marketing as a primary tactic for reaching their customers.

A study published by True Influence looked at the online research data of marketers to gauge their top interests heading into 2017. To establish baseline activity levels, researchers measured online activity for two years. Afterward, internet-based activities were monitored for a 30-day period to gauge participating companies’ baseline levels.

The report found that searches related to “online video marketing” made up 5.52 million intent signals, making it the second-most researched internet topic. “Marketing email” took the first spot with 5.57 million intent signals.

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