Research Shows Customers Remain Receptive to Marketing Emails in 2016

A new report reveals that there are still plenty of opportunities for email marketers to reach their target audiences, as customers are generally receptive to marketing messages.

The “2016 Consumer Views of Email Marketing” from Mapp Digital has discovered that 77 percent of customers do not have a separate email address to filter out marketing emails. Further, about 72 percent subscribe to more than four different companies to specifically receive marketing messages.

Email marketing brands

More than a third of customers (37.4 percent) check the inbox where marketing messages are sent between one and three times per day, while 32.9 percent actively check throughout the day. About 38 percent use a mobile device most often to check their email and 56 percent still prefer a laptop or desktop computer.

Most of the survey respondents (40 percent) said that they prefer to receive marketing emails once per week, which gives marketers insight into how often they should be messaging their target audience.

Connecting with Customers through B2B Marketing Emails

For B2B marketing, there are a few key tactics that can help marketers ensure that their emails are opened by recipients.

The “Q2 2016 Email Benchmark Report” from Experian found that personalized subject lines resulted in a higher unique click rate in the second quarter of this year compared to a year ago. During this same period, personalized subject lines for B2B emails also translated into a 29.4 percent leap in unique open rates.

The authors of the report believe that using past product choices, social media selections, and browsing behavior can help B2B marketers craft more effective personalized subject lines.

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