Social Media, “Big Data” Convergence Needed to Analyze User-Content

According to a report published in EContent, an online journal that focuses on media and marketing, “Big Data” and social media will need to combine forces in order to keep the growing number of user-generated content organized and useful.  The article stated that companies are struggling to keep up with the data that continues pouring in and that their current forms of analytics can’t keep up.

The question social media companies are asking is: How do they harness the information “Big Data” provides them with? EContent reported that large technology companies including IBM, EMC and HP are expected to acquire marketing platform social media networks in the near future in an effort to effectively combine social media and the analytical data it produces.

The process of converging “Big Data” with social media is only in the beginning stages, EContent claimed; research associates Yang-Yu Liu and Tamas Nepusz have created two of the first models of software capable of analyzing the inner workings and activity of social media sites. This software requires a user to have a competent understanding of the network, which can be a challenging feat, according to EContent. As of now this model software would still require further analysis of the dataset it produces, which makes it a time consuming process incapable of keeping up the ever-changing social media content.

According to the report, for those who work in the tech area of social media, this convergence won’t be an issue, but for others their knowledge of network technology will have to expand greatly in order to keep up in the industry.

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