Study: 37% of B2B Marketers Incorporate the ‘Customer Journey’ into Their Strategy

Customer journeyA new study conducted by Salesforce and LinkedIn titled “The State of Marketing Leadership,” has shown that out of the 510 surveyed B2B marketers, 37 percent had incorporated the customer journey into their overall business strategy.

In order to create a cohesive customer journey, 75 percent of B2B marketers said that CRM tools were “absolutely critical.” About 82 percent claimed that marketing analytics were “very important,” while 75 percent said the same about content management.

“Customer journey mapping, or illustrating important touch points along the customer journey and the different ways customers might respond to them, will be an important area for marketing leaders to oversee,” wrote the authors of the study.

The survey incorporated responses from 985 senior marketers from LinkedIn in the U.S. About 52 percent of respondents were from the B2B industry, while 48 percent were B2C.

Hunting for Critical Data

According to the “Data Driven Marketing” report, created by Ascend2, about 54 percent of marketers claim that they have trouble looking for quality data. Furthermore, only 57 percent claim that their data-driven marketing is “somewhat successful” at achieving important objectives.

About 60 percent of survey respondents said that analytics were the most effective sources of marketing data used, while 45 percent said it was their website. Only 27 percent said that organic search was most effective, while 17 percent said that paid search worked best.

Because data driven marketing has proven to be challenging, Ascend2 found that individuals want to be acknowledged for their efforts.

“Marketers want recognition for their data-driven marketing performance,” wrote the authors of the report. “Therefore, increasing revenue that can be attributed to marketing (44 percent) is their top objective for the year ahead.”

A panel of more than 50,000 U.S. and international marketing, sales and business professionals was surveyed for this study. Approximately 72 percent of respondents work in the B2B realm.

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