Study: B2B Companies Struggling to Coordinate Sales Training and Demand Gen Tactics

stuck-in-middleA new survey conducted by Corporate Visions has discovered that 40 percent of B2B professionals believe that coordinated demand generation and sales training initiatives lead to stronger lead conversion rates. However, just 10 percent of B2B companies are coordinating their sales training and demand generation tactics.

Looking deeper into the results, approximately 15.4 percent of respondents said that their demand generation and sales training teams were completely uncoordinated. About 43 percent said that they were somewhat coordinated.

The researchers also found that 20 percent of respondents were unsure about the impact that coordination could have on their company. As a result, Corporate Visions believes that many companies may not be measuring this critical information at all.

“These survey results support our contention that there’s a potential ‘conversion gap’ in companies between demand generation and sales follow-up conversations,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. “Marketing and sales teams must work together to create a more integrated, customer-centric approach to message development and sales conversation delivery, because only those companies that can effectively tell an engaging and unique story across the buying cycle will be successful in creating and closing the opportunities needed to meet their revenue goals.”

However, Corporate Visions’ discoveries are not the first to shed light on the importance of coordination and alignment. Corporate Visions surveyed 420 B2B marketing and sales professionals for its study.

The Benefits of Alignment

In the “2013 Sales and Marketing Alignment Study” released by Marketo last year, researchers looked at responses from 500 businesses to determine whether marketing and sales teams benefit from working on the same page.

Marketo was able to determine that sales and marketing alignment made companies 67 percent better at closing deals. Researchers also found that when sales teams reported to marketing teams regularly, marketing qualified lead closure rates were high.

“Get your leadership team together to build the strategy and tactics of this new process,” the study authors write. “Spend less than a month building your plan and renew it o­ften.”

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