Study Finds 60% of Abandoned Cart Emails Generate Revenue

A new study by Salesforce’s exacttarget (an email campaign platform that specializes on predicted intelligence) has found that 60% of emails reminding users of their abandoned shopping carts generate sales the day the email the sent.

The report, titled “The Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report,” also had additional findings on the conversion rate, click-through rate, and overall influence of predictive intelligence, which is defined by exacttarget as, “predict[ing] the right message, channel, and timing for each customer experience and inform critical business decisions by using all available customer data.”

Other interesting findings in the report include:

  • Abandoned cart emails, as mentioned above, generate the highest revenue per click on average- just over $36. Additionally they are the 2nd highest revenue generators per email open.
  • All emails (no matter their strategy) generate the highest revenue within the first 24 hours that they are sent.
  • Predictive intelligence can increase conversion rate by almost 23% for a business.


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Predictive intelligence is a growing tool within any B2B marketer’s toolbox. The two ways exacttarget carries out their predictive strategy is through Predictive Analytics, which uses algorithms to “allow you to automatically make real-time decisions—at the point of interaction—to determine the best piece of content for each unique individual.” In addition, exacttarget also allows for a cross-channel integration strategy, which allows marketers to deliver their content campaigns via mobile, email, social, and the web.

exacttarget has found that predictive intelligence gets more accurate the longer it is implemented. For example, the study found that in the first three months, predictive intelligence only influences 11.47% if online orders. However, in months 31 to 36, it usually increases, on average, to influence almost 35% of all online orders.

More top-level insights from the report can also be found on exacttarget’s marketing cloud blog.

Infographic via exacttarget.

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