Study: Marketers Spend 20 Percent of Ad Budget on Facebook Mobile Ads

Study: Marketers Spend 20 Percent of Ad Budget on Facebook Mobile AdsAccording to a study from Kenshoo Inc., 20 percent of all Facebook ad spending is being devoted to Facebook’s mobile platform. Marketers are reportedly allocating this amount of ad spending to Facebook mobile in the hopes of better reaching target audiences on mobile devices.

Kenshoo Inc. reports marketers spent approximately one-fifth of their Facebook budgets on mobile ads alone in November and December of 2012; this number represents a 6 percent increase from two months prior, a significant amount considering Facebook began offering mobile ad units only a year ago.

Todd Herrold, senior director of product marketing for Kenshoo Social, said, “The social advertising landscape is radically evolving. These are really significant changes and they’re happening very quickly.” Herrold also mentioned the limits Facebook has put on the amount of mobile ad units available to marketers in order to help avoid overwhelming mobile users’ news feeds. According to Kenshoo, Facebook users spend 40 percent of their Facebook time on the news feed, which makes it an optimal location for reaching audiences.

Kenshoo Inc.’s study about the evolving social landscape indicates there will likely be a continual increase in mobile ad spending across several social platforms. As it stands now, marketers are investing in Facebook’s mobile ads in an effort to expand the reach to their target audiences.

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