Study Reports Organic Search Brings 51% of B2B Website Traffic

A new study by BrightEdge, titled Cracking The Content Code: A Look Inside the Channels and Content That Perform, found that for both B2B and B2C websites, over half (51%) of all their website traffic is from organic search (meaning that users navigated to their websites via organic, non-ppc results on search engines. The rest of the traffic came from referrals (other sites), direct visits, paid, and social media.

Study Reports Organic Search Brings 51% of B2B Website Traffic

BrightEdge states, “The bottom line? Marketers shouldn’t spread themselves thin trying to engage with consumers at every point of entry. Instead, marketers should funnel resources into the digital marketing channels that will offer the most bang for their buck.”

Another aspect of their data that Brightedge looked at was breaking down types of sources of traffic for each particular niche:


Organic search dominated every niche listed (retail, media/entertainment, technology/internet, and hospitality) in the graph, with the second most popular being one category of Display, Email, and Referred. Perhaps not surprisingly for search engine marketers, social media was the lowest referral for all industries listed.

BrightEdge also found that content with images and video have a higher click-through rate that “classic” content– that is, content that doesn’t incorporate either of these two elements.

To learn more about BrightEdge’s findings, you can download the PDF here after filling out a contact form.

Graphs via the mentioned study

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