Email Marketing Still Reigns Supreme for Most Digital Marketers

Email MarketingIn a study released this past June by Gigaom, underwritten by Exotle, 56 percent of survey respondents indicated that email marketing was the most effective strategy for customer retention in particular, but also scored well for conversions (42%), awareness (41%), and customer acquisition (37%).

On top of the 56 percent of marketers who claimed email was highly effective, 86 percent of respondents said that they use email marketing digital programs regularly, as detailed through coverage on eMarketer. Email was followed by social media marketing (72 percent) and search engine optimization (70 percent).

Despite the preference of email shining through the survey results, the researchers behind the study claimed that companies may do better by utilizing a number of different marketing tactics rather than just one.

“By its nature, digital is evolving as a channel and a form of marketing,” wrote the authors of the study. “Consequently, digital lends itself to experimenting with fresh tactics to gain a competitive edge.”

About 60 percent of respondents claimed that they are going to increase spending on digital marketing across the board for initiatives such as content marketing, SEO and email marketing. Social media led the way in increased spending, with 38% of those surveyed indicated that they planned to do so.

“Our survey suggests that marketers are drawing comfortably on a broad palette of digital marketing tactics depending on their objectives, with the four most popular tactics being email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing,” wrote the authors of the study.

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