Study: Vast Majority of B2B Marketers Say Demand Gen Plans Fail to Achieve Goals

arrows missing targetA survey conducted by Annuitas, a B2B demand generation strategy firm, has found that only 2.8 percent of B2B marketers claim that their demand generation campaigns are effective at achieving goals and less than half of marketers use buyer personas when creating their strategies.

“Although there are many studies on B2B marketers today, not many focus on the enterprise and uncovering their drivers, strategies and results will help us benchmark ourselves and our organizations better,” said Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and principal at Annuitas. “Since the enterprise struggles with unique challenges in connecting and engaging with their buyer, we wanted to better understand their strategies and how effective they are.”

More than 77 percent of respondents said that the goal of their demand generation strategy was quality of leads, although “revenue generated” was their primary measure of success.

“It is a little alarming that what enterprise B2B marketers consider to be primary measures of success are not aligned with their key performance indicators,” Hidalgo said.

Only 42 percent of respondents said that they are aligning their content to meet their buyers’ pain points and challenges. About 75 percent said that they use lead nurturing as a part of their demand generation strategy.

The “2014 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation” survey looked at responses from marketers at enterprise-level B2B companies, all with revenues in excess of $250 million per year.

Identifying Effective Demand Gen Channels

In the “B2B Demand Generation Benchmark IndustryView” report released by Software Advice, various demand generation channels were examined to determine the most effective. The study found that 82 percent of marketers received “good” or “excellent” quality leads from trade shows.

“[Trade shows] are always the tactic that marketers rate as the most effective,” said Michele Linn, content development director at the Content Marketing Institute. “In the digital age, where so much stuff is online, there’s something exceptionally powerful about doing in-person events—if done well.”

More than 60 percent of respondents claimed that they received at least “good” quality leads from advocate marketing and in-house email marketing. About 97 percent of those who were surveyed said that they have adopted email marketing, while 92 percent of B2B marketers said that they are also now leveraging video content.

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