Survey: 33% of Marketers Say It Is ‘Difficult’ to Launch Omnichannel Campaigns

Most digital marketers strive to deliver a consistent omnichannel experience to their customers. However, new research shows that many are still struggling to achieve this primary objective.

Selligent recently surveyed 221 digital marketers to gauge their omnichannel excellence. Statistics showed that the majority of respondents (47 percent) were “neutral” when asked how easy or difficult it is for them to launch integrated omnichannel campaigns across their marketing channels. About 33 percent said it is currently “difficult” for them to do so.


Forty-one percent of respondents said that they strive to tie all behavioral and omnichannel data back to the individual customer, but are “unsatisfied” with their results. Only 16 percent said they do this successfully.

“The disconnect across business units like service and marketing is no surprise but a challenge that companies today need to address head-on,” said Niki Hall, CMO of Selligent. “Making omnichannel work means orchestrating messages across all channels and ensuring that the content is personalized and delivered at the right time.

Delivering an ‘Excellent’ Customer Experience

Some marketers assume they are delivering an excellent customer experience through their channels, but as previous research shows, their beliefs are not always a reality.

RedPoint Global and The Harris Poll surveyed more than 3,000 customers and 450 senior marketers in the US, UK and Canada. Statistics showed that 34 percent of marketers believe they are doing an “excellent job” of delivering an exceptional customer experience, but only 18 percent of customers agreed with this statement.

About 57 percent of marketers believe their company has the right CX strategy in place, but is unable to execute it effectively.

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