Survey: 36% of Marketers Struggle to Capture the Attention of Customers

Marketers have a wide array of avenues they can take to reach their target audience, but new research suggests that it can be extremely difficult for them to break through the noise.

SurveyMonkey recently conducted a survey looking at marketing messages and discovered that capturing the attention and trust of buyers is the largest obstacle for 36 percent of marketers. However, there are known ways to break through the noise and stand out to customers, according to the report. For example, 48 percent of customers say that humorous ads are the most effective at grabbing their attention.

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About 73 percent of customers also say that they seek out recommendations from friends and family before making a big purchase. For this reason, marketers may be able to stand out from the pack by putting their most compelling case studies and testimonials front and center.

Finally, marketers can steer clear of any pitfalls by ensuring that they do not offend their buyers. About one-third of customers who saw an offensive ad last year talked to others about it, and 17 percent went as far as to encourage others not to use a company’s products.

Marketers and Customer Relationship Management

As marketers look to maintain relationships with their customers, research shows that they are turning to several channels to do so.

ProsperWorks recently published “The State of Customer Management in the Relationship Era” report to gauge how marketers are sustaining customer relationships. Approximately 100 percent of respondents claim they are using a customer relationship management system, while about 70 percent have more than three teammates involved in every customer relationship.

Half of respondents utilize at least eight different channels to build lasting relationships with both current and future customers.

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