Survey: 39% of Creative Marketers Still Perceive Too Many Challenges with AR

Although augmented reality (AR) is growing in popularity, new research suggests that marketers still have a long way to go in terms of implementing this form of martech and seeing positive results.

Unity recently surveyed 1,000 creative professionals within advertising and marketing to determine their comfort level, technical competency and enthusiasm toward AR. Statistics showed that while they are overall excited about AR, most of them (39 percent) believe there are still too many technical challenges. Thirty-eight percent said there is a lack of customer knowledge on how to use AR, and 26 percent assume customers are still afraid to “try new things,” such as augmented reality.


In addition, most respondents (39 percent) also said that they still face financial hurdles when it comes to implementing AR. About 25 percent cited technical challenges.

“Augmented reality is becoming ubiquitous and creative marketers and advertisers are already establishing the use cases that have made the rest of the industry pay attention,” said Julie Shumaker, Vice President of Advertiser Solutions at Unity Technologies. “But this survey reveals one very important thing: there is a disconnect between the growing demand for AR solutions and the pace at which advertisers, marketers, and creatives are growing comfortable with the technology.”

Reaping Benefits from the Deployment of Martech

Even though marketers have been experimenting with various forms of martech for some time, previous research has shown that they still have progress to make when it comes to implementation.

Ascend2 published the “Marketing Technology Trends Survey,” and statistics showed that the majority of marketers (63 percent) are still “working on it” when it comes to deploying martech. Most respondents also said they have only been “somewhat successful” at achieving their top priorities with their martech strategy.

When it comes to challenges, most marketers (52 percent) cited integrating disparate systems, followed by attributing revenue to marketing (47 percent).

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