Survey: 42% of B2B Marketers Admit Marketing Efforts Not Fully Personalized

Despite the benefits associated with delivering a personalized customer experience, new research shows that not all B2B marketing campaigns include developed plans to do so.

Folloze recently surveyed more than 200 B2B marketers and sales professionals, and determined that 77% believe personalized marketing experiences make for better relationships. About 55% believe that marketing personalization leads to higher rates of sales conversions and future growth. However, 42% of respondents admitted that their marketing efforts are not fully personalized.

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Approximately 39% said that their existing personalized marketing strategy is only “somewhat” sophisticated in nature, and 15% stated that their plan is not sophisticated at all.

About 31% of respondents claimed that personalized emails, for example, often pique their interest. Eighteen percent said they elicit happy feelings, while 12% believe that personalized emails show that a person “gets them.”

How Marketers are Personalizing the Customer Experience

In an attempt to personalize the customer experience, previous research shows that marketers are shifting to omni-channel strategies.

Merkle published its “2020 Customer Engagement Report,” and data suggested that 88% of marketers have moved from traditional campaign activities to more omni-channel strategies, in part to personalize the overall customer experience.

Most marketers (71%) claim that they are gauging the effectiveness of customer communications by looking at engagement levels. About 59% are examining absolute conversions/sales, while 55% are using their customer retention rate to measure effectiveness.

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