50% of Marketers are Concerned About the Accuracy of Analytics Tools

Digital marketers now have a wide array of tools to measure their marketing performance. However, new research has revealed that they still worry about the accuracy of results.

A survey conducted by Conversion Logic and IDG Connect discovered that the majority of marketers are using six or more tools to gauge marketing performance, but 50 percent are concerned about their accuracy.

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Fifty-nine percent claimed that data collection and centralization remains their largest challenge, while 46 percent are struggling to gather actionable insight from their reports.

The survey conductors point to a lack of attribution as a primary cause of fragmented marketing measurement. They noted that attribution can provide up to 30 percent more efficiency. Cost justification, staff skills, and integration with existing attribution performance measurement methods are the top three obstacles preventing marketers from expanding their efforts.

However, despite these hurdles, 78 percent of marketers intend to adopt or increase their use of cross-channel attribution over the next two years.

“Marketers need to understand not only what’s working and why, but how different components of their marketing mix are working together,” said Alison Lohse, COO and co-founder of Conversion Logic.

Integrating Multi-Channel Attribution into the Marketing Plan

Previous research shows that marketers are facing several barriers as they look to adopt multi-channel attribution, cross-device delivery, and other marketing techniques.

A survey conducted by Rocket Fuel discovered that 20 percent of marketers lack the analysts and personnel needed to efficiently integrate multi-channel attribution. However, this did not appear to deter marketers – 91 percent said they were interested in learning more about multi-channel attribution in 2016.

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