Survey: 60% of B2B Marketers Lack Confidence in their Data Coverage

When it comes to reaching target audiences, it’s important for B2B marketers to have fresh data on their customers and prospects. However, a new report suggests that they are still behind in terms of the information they have on hand.

The “Audience and Demand Planning Benchmark Survey” from DealSignal recently took a look at the type of data B2B marketers have at their fingertips. About 60 percent of respondents said that they lack confidence in the data coverage of their total target audience, and only 45 percent said they currently invest in processes or solutions to improve their coverage. In addition, only 20 percent use third parties to help improve data.

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Approximately 82 percent of respondents said that coverage, as well as better insight and analysis of data quality, were either a “priority” or “major priority.” Only 14 percent said that they are paying attention to the issue of data coverage and quality, but didn’t yet consider it a priority.

CX Marketers and Retrieving Customer Data

As it turns out, the more customer experience-oriented marketers appear to be getting data from a wide range of sources, according to previous research.

Netbase recently published the “2018 Consumer Experience Analytics Report,” and research showed that marketers are getting their data from several places, including social media (68.2 percent), surveys (74.3 percent), web analytics (66.2 percent) and online reviews (47.9 percent).

The majority of CX marketers (36.3 percent) said that they agree that their company is effective in bringing different data sources together to make better customer experience decisions.

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