B2B Marketers Desire More Meetings with Sales to Improve Results

In an effort to improve outcomes, new research indicates that B2B marketers are interested in teaming up with sales reps more frequently. A survey conducted by ToutApp found that 70 percent of B2B marketers want more meetings with their sales team. Almost 90 percent claim that intra-team meetings improve their marketing outcomes.

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“Marketers and sales need to step outside of their siloes and come together to drive greater value for their organizations,” said Tawheed Kader, CEO and founder of ToutApp. “Our data finds that the desire is clearly there, but the organizations themselves need to take advantage and implement a regular meeting system across teams.”

A quarter of respondents said that sales and marketing having different metrics is their biggest challenge. This group believes that it prevents marketing and sales from coming together to discuss strategies.

“When looking to enhance intra-team communications, it’s essential that both departments understand why each side uses their respective metrics and how those metrics can be used on the other side,” Kader continued.

B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Success

The ToutApp survey also revealed that 46 percent of B2B marketers would discuss lead generation quality and conversion to sales if they had an opportunity to meet. As previous research shows, lead gen has been a key marketing objective for an extended period of time.

In the “2015 B2B Lead Generation Report” from BrightTALK, most marketers (59 percent) said that generating high quality leads was their top issue. In the coming year, 59 percent predict an increase in their lead generation budget to address the problem.

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