Survey: 76% of Marketers Now Taking a Strategic Approach to Managing Content

As marketers gain more insight into what works for their teams, new research shows that they are taking strategic approaches to marketing as a whole.

The Content Marketing Institute recently teamed up with the Content Tech Summit and Vennli to publish the “2019 Content Management Strategy and Survey.” Statistics indicated that 76 percent of marketers are now taking a strategic approach to managing content. Furthermore, 97 percent of them say that they are involved in strategic content management.

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When it comes to areas of involvement with strategic content management, most marketers (89 percent) cite content creation. This is followed by content marketing strategy (84 percent) and general content strategy (77 percent).

The majority of marketers (59 percent) claim that they have a documented content management strategy, compared to just 31 percent who said they don’t have one in place. The elements often included in a strategy are business goals/objectives (94 percent), defined roles/responsibilities (79 percent) and measurements/KPIs (76 percent).

Marketers with Strategies Find Success Over their Peers

This is not the first time that research has revealed that having a marketing strategy in place can be beneficial.

Coschedule surveyed 1,597 marketers to determine how their marketing strategies are shaping up, and discovered that most respondents (48 percent) only “somewhat agree” that their marketing efforts are successful. However, marketers who have a documented strategy in place are 538 percent more likely to report success than their counterparts.

Additionally, marketers who document their processes are 466 percent more likely to report success compared to those who do not.

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