Survey: 97% of Marketers Seeing an Improvement in Performance with Data Use

Performance Metrics

As marketers collect more data on prospects and customers, new research indicates that they are seeing an overall improvement in their performance when they put this information to use.

YouAppi recently conducted a survey of more than 540 marketers to determine how their use of data is impacting their overall success. A total of 98 percent of respondents said that they have increased their organizational investment in data, and 97 percent are seeing an improvement in their performance. Furthermore, more than half of these individuals say that the improvement has been “significant.”

As marketers integrate data into their strategies, research also shows that their jobs are requiring a larger focus on this information. Ninety-six percent claim that their job duties have called for a greater focus on data as of late, with 57 percent categorizing the increase as “significant.”

Marketers Now Frequently Risk ‘Data Exhaust’

Although marketers are finding new opportunities by using data more frequently, they are also risking data exhaust, according to previous research.

Data exhaust is a term used to describe information that companies discard because it provides less or no value to their core business. The “Digital Data Exhaust Report” from Digital Element recently found that 39 percent of marketers are “very concerned” with data exhaust. At least 29 percent said they were “somewhat concerned.”

The majority of respondents (29 percent) said that they toss up to 25 percent of their data. Nine percent throw away between 50 and 75 percent of their data.

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