Survey: Customers and Marketers Disagree on the Success Rate of Personalized CX

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Although marketers have shifted their focus to providing a personalized customer experience, new research shows that many are still missing the mark.

RedPoint Global and The Harris Poll recently surveyed more than 3,000 customers and 450 senior marketers in the US, UK and Canada. Statistics showed that 34 percent of marketers believe that brands do an “excellent job” of delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX). Only 18 percent of customers agreed with the sentiment.

Approximately 57 percent of marketers believe their company has the right CX strategy in place, but is unable to execute it effectively. Businesses that have up to nine engagement systems (61 percent) in place express difficulty with providing a seamless customer experience. This percentage is closer to 76 percent for those with 10 or more customer engagement systems intact.

Marketers Still Face Challenges with Content Personalization

Previous research has suggested that there are still many barriers keeping marketers from customizing the buyer experience.

Adobe published the “State of Creative and Marketing Collaboration Survey,” and data showed that 59 percent of marketers agree that they find it challenging to personalize content at scale. Only 28 percent of marketers believe that content creation and delivery are “very well-coordinated.”

In terms of reasons for disruption, 60 percent of marketers said that there are now more people involved in the content creation and delivery process compared to a few years ago.

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