Cautious Information Sharing Presents Challenge to Marketers

Research has indicated that more B2B marketers are leaning toward providing a personalized customer experience through the use of data. However, not all prospects are comfortable with sharing their personal information with companies, according to the Pew Research Center.

A new survey has found that 47 percent of customers do not fully understand what is done with their data once it’s submitted. Additionally, 35 percent are discouraged by the amount of effort that goes into understanding how the information is handled by organizations.

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Some respondents said that while they understand the marketing component of data collection, they still submit false information in fear of data breaches. Others submit inaccurate information to avoid receiving unnecessary marketing materials and pitches.

Despite these uncertainties, the authors of the report said for most respondents, “their answer depends on the circumstances of the offer, their trust in those collecting and storing the data, and their sense of what the aftermath of data-sharing might look like.”

Working Around Inaccurate Marketing Data

Inaccurate data has been a problem for marketers for quite some time, according to previous research. A report released by Integrate in 2015 found that 40 percent of all generated leads have poor data quality. Duplicate data, invalid entries, failed email address validation and missing forms are all contributing to low quality.

Additionally, a report from SiliconANGLE discovered that 75 percent of companies waste about 14 percent of their revenue on bad data. The researchers of Integrate state in their publication that poor data can undermine content efforts, as well as low response and low click-through rates.

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