Survey: Customers Still Consuming a Wide Array of B2B Marketers’ Content

B2B marketers now offer a wide array of content, and new research shows that this may be helping customers and prospects make decisions during the buying process.

FocusVision recently surveyed 243 marketers to understand the role and types of content used within the buyer’s journey. The statistics revealed that on average, customers consume 13 pieces of content from their prospective vendor, compared to just five pieces of content from third-party sources. This suggests that customers are still heavily engaging with the content produced by B2B marketers.

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The majority of respondents (67%) cited content that provides product specifications and functionality as the most useful type. This was followed by product comparisons (65%) and product success stories (60%).

About 63% of customers have a buying team consisting of up to four people, and 73% take between two and six weeks to make a final purchase decision.

B2B Marketers and the Customer Experience

Many B2B marketers are now focused on providing a seamless, consistent customer experience, according to previous research.

Lean Data published “The State of Revenue Operations” report, and statistics showed that the majority of respondents (59.27%) “strongly agree” that the ability to deliver a consistent customer experience across the buyer’s journey is becoming a critical differentiator and revenue driver.

Most B2B marketers (46.41%) also “strongly agree” that sales, marketing and customer success teams all share ownership for revenue growth at their company. That being said, 27.26% stated that they “somewhat disagree” that these teams are well integrated, citing room for improvement.

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