Survey: Email Marketing Remains Efficient and Easy to Execute

easy buttonA new survey released by Ascend2, a marketing solution provider, shows that email is a popular form of digital marketing because it’s easier to execute than other means.

Only 11 percent of respondents in the “Digital Marketing Strategy Survey” said that email was challenging, making it the simplest out of the eight digital marketing methods measured. Social media was the most challenging tactic with 49 percent of respondents saying that it was difficult to execute.

The digital marketing strategies that were measured were email, website/blogs, search engine optimization, social media, content, paid search, mobile and e-commerce. On top of being deemed the simplest method, email ranked the most effective with 54 percent of respondents claiming this to be true.

Ascend2 compiled its data by issuing a survey online to marketing and sales decision-makers in a wide range of contact roles, company sizes and geographic regions. The survey is designed to take only three minutes.

B2B Marketers Still Favoring Email

In the B2B industry, professionals are still favoring email as a form of digital marketing, according to a survey conducted by Chief Marketer on lead generation. Approximately 87 percent of B2B marketers say that they will continue to use email to generate leads, which is compared to 86 percent of survey respondents from 2013. Additionally, 65 percent of individuals said that email marketing is a key component of their marketing strategy.

Email seems to translate into better leads as well, according to the research. About 73 percent of email marketers said that they are receiving lead generation information from Web registrations or opt-ins from prospects. However, 48 percent noted that they are receiving qualified leads directly from email marketing efforts.

Finally, the affordability of email is a big part of why marketers are using this channel, according to the survey. Approximately 70 percent of individuals claimed that they used email to reach out to consumers because of low cost, and 58 percent said that they favored the ability to track email responses.

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