Survey: Event Marketers Find that MarTech Helps Them Achieve Top Objectives

As MarTech grows in importance, event marketers, in particular, are finding a new use for these assets out in the field, according to new research.

EXHIBITOR recently published an infographic based on a survey determining how event marketers are budgeting according to their needs.

Statistics indicated that MarTech is helping most event marketers (57 percent) increase their leads, which is a primary business objective. Sixty-four percent stated that MarTech is helping them drive brand awareness, while 52 percent claimed that it is increasing booth traffic at their actual events.

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“The technologies that have shown the most noticeable growth in exhibit- and event-related usage since 2016 include mobile apps, smartphones, geofencing, and virtual reality – all of which experienced growth rates of 50 percent or more,” wrote the authors of the survey. “The use of event-specific microsites, tablet PCs, touchscreens, augmented reality, digital signage, and streaming video has also increased.”

In addition, 41 percent said that MarTech is helping them improve their relationships with customers.  

Marketers’ Growing Investment in MarTech

Overall, marketers intend to spend more money in MarTech in the coming months as it continues to prove its worth as a marketing asset, according to past research.

Gartner conducted “The CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019” and found that MarTech already accounts for 29 percent of total marketing expenses, which is an increase from 22 percent recorded in 2017.

Additionally, MarTech is now the single largest area of investment when it comes to resources and programs.

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