Survey: Improving Lead Quality is Top Objective for Marketers

Although many marketers have already established lead generation strategies, new research suggests that there is still work to be done in terms of achieving top objectives.

Ascend2 recently conducted the “Generating and Nurturing Leads Survey to Create Demand” and found that improving the quality of leads (58 percent), increasing the number of leads (46 percent) and improving strategy effectiveness (37 percent) are the top objectives for marketers with lead generation strategies.

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In terms of driving lead generation, the majority of marketers (47 percent) claimed that social media marketing has been the most effective tactic. This was followed by email marketing (46 percent), content or video marketing (39 percent) and search engine optimization (38 percent).

When it comes to lead nurturing, most marketers (47 percent) cited email marketing as their most effective tactic. Content or video marketing (45 percent) and social media marketing (40 percent) also made the list of most effective lead nurturing tactics.

Achieving Top Marketing Objectives with Customer Data

These strategies may be efficient in terms of making the most of lead generation, but previous research suggests that marketers could also be doing more to use the customer data available at their fingertips.

Forbes Insights and Treasure Data published the “Data Versus Goliath: Customer Data Strategies to Disrupt the Disruptors” report and found that only 13 percent of companies express the highest level of confidence that they’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure they’re making the most of customer data.

“While upper management may have access to the tools and data needed to transform their operations, this is typically not shared across all levels of the enterprise,” note the researchers of the report.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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