Marketers Experiencing Gap Between Campaign Execution and Performance Insights

New research from Origami Logic shows that there are a number of challenges hindering marketing campaign optimization, ranging from inadequate cross-channel performance data to time-consuming measurement.

The “2016 Marketing Signals Survey” looked at how marketers are quantifying “marketing signals,” which are defined as performance measurements like CTR, conversions, impressions and ROI. About 94 percent of respondents said that their marketing campaign performance depends on having timely, complete knowledge of their marketing signals.

However, the majority of marketers (53 percent) claimed that having multiple systems that capture marketing signals makes measurement difficult. Being able to take action based on the results (40 percent) and the time it takes to receive results (37 percent) were also named top challenges.

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About 62 percent said that they intend to increase the frequency at which they measure marketing signals in 2016. About 22 percent of marketers said that they have 10 or more different marketing signals to track on the Web. Ten percent stated the same about display media and social media, respectively.

Marketing Teams Continue to Invest in Social Media

A significant number of marketers who took the Origami Logic survey (41 percent) said that they would ideally like to assess the marketing signals of their social media channels daily. However, previous research indicates that marketers are still struggling to show the positive impact of social marketing on their companies.

“The CMO Survey” revealed that 40 percent of marketers believe their social media contribution to company performance has been “below average.” That being said, marketing teams continue to spend money on these initiatives. Social media marketing will account for 20.9 percent of marketing budgets within the next five years.

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Stephanie Weagle — Stephanie Weagle, VP of Marketing, Corero Network Security

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