Survey: Marketers Frequently Connected with Buyers on Social Media in 2016

Social media may have helped marketers connect with clients and prospects in 2016 more than they initially thought.

The “2016 Social Commerce Survey” from SUMO Heavy found that last year, 72 percent of buyers used social media on a daily basis. About 47 percent claimed that they utilized it multiple times per day.

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Only 11 percent said that they did not use social media at all.

Eighty-eight percent of buyers said they use Facebook, and 33 percent stated that they utilize Instagram and Pinterest. Twenty-eight percent claimed they use Twitter.

Although many respondents use these platforms for their social components, 24 percent stated that they turn to the channels to look for information on specific products and services. Additionally, 50 percent claimed that social media influences their purchasing decisions. Facebook (42 percent) led the way in terms of channels that influenced respondents most.

Social Media for B2B Marketing Content Distribution

As B2B marketers turned to social media channels for more outreach in 2016, it became a valuable tool for content distribution. According to a Regalix survey, 27 percent of B2B marketers viewed social media as an “indispensable” channel for content distribution in 2016.

In addition to social media, websites (26 percent) and email (28 percent) were also preferred outlets for marketing content distribution.

“Social media is fast gaining traction as a channel for content distribution. And social is all about engagement,” wrote the survey authors. “Marketers need to get over their excessive focus on meeting pre-sale objectives with their content strategy and consider using content marketing to also engage deeply with customers.”

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