Survey: Marketers Missing out on Data-Rich Content Opportunities

A new survey from Visage has revealed that marketers are frequently publishing content, but they may be missing out on data-rich content opportunities.

The visual content company surveyed 504 marketers to determine how they are using content and data on a regular basis and found that about 73 percent said they were publishing content weekly, while 21 percent published it multiple times per day.


In terms of data-rich content, approximately 22 percent of respondents say they conduct market research at least quarterly. However, a greater number (27 percent) said that they only share data and insights privately, rather than externally.

Twenty-three percent of marketers claimed that they would like to get better at sharing data. Currently, some of their biggest challenges include crafting a story from original data (40 percent) and a lack of resources when it comes to visualizing data (29 percent). Limited data visualization and analysis tools have also proven to be challenging.

Despite these challenges, about 52 percent of respondents said it is “extremely important” for their marketing team to learn how to communicate with data in the future.

B2B Marketers See the Potential of Big Data

A study published in March 2015 by Infogroup Media Solutions showed that 62 percent of marketers are investing in data marketing. This involves using customer data and outside data trends.

Additionally, more than half of these marketers believe they will see an ROI from their investment for the first time in 2015. Approximately 47 percent of respondents are already seeing the positive impact of investing in Big Data. This is a 39 percent increase from 2014.

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