Survey: Marketers More Likely to Resonate with Millennials through Social Media Efforts

When it comes to reaching out to target audiences via social media, new research suggests that millennials are far and wide more receptive to marketers through this channel.

Visual Objects recently conducted a survey to determine how social media helps businesses drive website traffic. Statistics from the survey showed that millennials (90 percent) are far and wide more likely to click through to a business’s website from social media than Generation Xers (80 percent) and baby boomers (61 percent). Millennials are also more likely to use social media (26 percent) to contact a company compared to their counterparts.

The researchers behind the survey believe that younger generations are “likely” to use social media to contact a business because they are more familiar with this channel. Furthermore, millennials use social media “more often than older generations,” according to the researchers, which ultimately translates into them using it more frequently to reach out to businesses.

Trust Stands Out for Customers Across the Board

Regardless of generation, brand trust is a must among all customers, according to previous research.

Spiceworks surveyed 674 tech buyers from companies across North America and Europe to find out what means the most to them during the buying process. The majority of millennials (84 percent), Gen Xers (87 percent) and baby boomers (83 percent) said it was “critical” to trust a tech brand prior to making a purchase.

When it comes to making a company purchase, 75 percent of respondents believe that it’s imperative that the company marketing to them has a strong brand reputation.

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Melissa Sopwith — Melissa Sopwith, Marketing Manager, Guidon Performance Solutions, a Teletech Company

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