Survey: Marketers See Growth in the Effectiveness of Video Content

According to a new Ascend2 survey titled, “Video Marketing Strategy,” the vast majority of marketers are seeing positive results from their use of videos.

In fact, about 87 percent said that their video marketing effectiveness is increasing, and half of these marketers claimed that the increase is “significant.” “This change in effectiveness is considerable compared to other marketing methods and reflects a fast growing rate of video marketing adoption,” wrote the authors of the report.

Customer testimonials (51 percent), tutorial videos (50 percent) and demonstration videos (49 percent) have been the most effective types of videos.

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These videos are being used to engage and educate customers, and to increase brand awareness – the top objectives of an effective strategy, according to respondents.

However, marketers still face their fair share of challenges when it comes to utilizing video. The majority (48 percent) said that a lack of an effective video marketing strategy is their top obstacle. A lack of compelling content (40 percent) and an inadequate budget (39 percent) are also holding video marketers back.

Taking Challenges in Stride

In the “Content Marketing Trends” survey conducted by Ascend2 in Spring 2015, about 59 percent of marketers said that video is their most difficult type of content to create. However, 46 percent stated that it is their most effective form of content.

“The degree of difficulty required to create many types of content is driving the need to outsource content creation,” wrote the researchers. “Eighty-five percent of companies surveyed say they outsource all or part of their content creation, allowing them to access specialized skills and capabilities not available in-house.”

Additionally, the “2015 State of Digital Marketing” report released by Webmarketing123 found that three out of four marketers now incorporate video into their strategies. This is despite the challenges that come with creating and developing the content.

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