Survey: More Marketers Turning to Instagram Stories to Resonate with Target Audiences

As marketers turn to social media to reach out to their customers and prospects, a new survey shows that they are now finding more success on Instagram.

Social Media Today recently published the “Instagram Marketing Survey Report” and statistics showed that 90 percent of marketers are now using Instagram for marketing purposes.

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Out of all of the features of Instagram that marketers are utilizing, Instagram Stories leads the way, with 81 percent of respondents claiming they use this feature to resonate with their target audience. This was followed by ads (52 percent), Highlights (50 percent), and IGTV (17 percent).

“Without a doubt, Instagram Stories, which now has more than 500 million daily active users, is fast becoming a must-have in social strategies today,” wrote the authors of the survey. “While some businesses may not think it’s relevant to their particular audience, and they may not feel like their brand has anything to create Stories about, the feature is becoming a key platform within itself.”

Instagram Soars Among Social Media Marketers

This is not the first survey to show that Instagram is leading the way in terms of social media marketing.

Marin Software published its “Digital Advertising Benchmark Report” to gauge how social media spending is being allocated by marketers, and statistics showed that Instagram was growing in popularity. Specifically, about 18 percent of total spend in Q4 2018 was going toward Instagram for social media marketing purposes. This was an increase from 14.8 percent in the prior quarter.

About 34 percent of total spend went toward Instagram Stories in Q4 2018, compared to 24 percent in Q3 2018.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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