Survey: One-Third of Advertising Budget Spent on Video

As marketers continue to see the benefits associated with digital video content, new research suggests that they are becoming more invested in branded video.

Trusted Media Brands recently conducted the “Digital Video Outlook: Is Branded Video the New Pre-Roll?” survey to gauge how much marketers are investing in this form of content. The statistics showed that over one-quarter of advertising budgets are now going toward digital video. Over the next 12 months, 35 percent of respondents intend to increase their creation and distribution spending on branded video.

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“Despite the expense of producing content and the complex distribution landscape, there is more optimism around branded video spending versus pre/mid/post roll (35 percent will increase spending on creation or distribution of branded video in the next 12 months vs. 28 percent for pre/mid/post roll) — and 33 percent will increase spend on publisher produced content,” stated the authors of the report.

Marketers are also seeing benefits associated with publishing on social platforms as well. Audience targeting capabilities (49 percent), engagement (49 percent) and ease of distribution (35 percent) were named some of the top advantages.

When distributing video content on premium publisher sites, the majority of marketers (39 percent) stated that the key benefit was being able to do so in a brand safe environment. Overall, marketers agreed that premium publishers deliver in terms of performance and ROI.

Increasing Investment in Video Marketing Content

Both customers and marketers are turning to video content at higher rates, according to recent research.

Wyzowl recently conducted “The State of Video Marketing 2018” survey and discovered that the average customer now watches more than an hour-and-a-half of online video content per day. This year, interactive video adoption is expected to increase from 1-in-5 marketers to almost 1-in-3.

About 81 percent of companies claimed that they are already using video content as a marketing asset. This is an increase from the 63 percent who said they were utilizing it in 2017.

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