Mobile Email Marketing Most Commonly Used Tactic to Target Traveling Buyers

As more buyers access the internet on the go, new research reveals that marketers are using multiple ways to connect with them while they’re away from their computers.

A survey conducted by MarketingSherpa found that delivering email to smartphones is the top method used by marketers (65 percent). Other digital channels such as branded mobile apps (22 percent) and text messages (18 percent) also made the list.

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The data shows 35 percent of marketers still use in-person conversations to connect with their customers when they aren’t on their computers. Just 12 percent said that they do not use any methods to try to reach customers while they are off of their computers.

“Although we live in a digital age, not every customer is digital,” said Jill Henry, DENTSPLY email marketer and one of the survey respondents. “We have a large outside sales force who are instrumental in keeping our customers engaged.”

The Increasing Investment in Mobile Marketing

To cater to the increasing number of customers utilizing mobile devices, a recent study discovered that marketers are investing more in mobile technology. The “Annual Advertising and Marketing Study” from Outsell found that mobile will represent $23 billion of marketing and advertising spend in 2016.

Marketers and advertisers are projected to spend $228 billion on digital marketing tactics in 2016. Mobile showed the highest percentage of year-over-year growth at 38 percent. Traditional mediums, such as print newspapers and direct mail, had the largest declines.

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