Time Remains a Top Challenge for Dedicated Content Marketers

Marketers remain heavily invested in content marketing as a strategy, but they are still faced with several challenges, according to new research.

ClearVoice recently asked 1,000 content marketers from around the globe, “What’s your biggest challenge with content?” Afterward, the responses where manually categorized into seven different categories comprised of 35 themes. According to the responses collected, the number one challenge/top theme was “time.” This was followed by “content quality,” “creating content,” and “scaling content.”

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Other challenges that marketers noted had to do with creativity. “Getting creative” with their content, “coming up with original ideas,” and “producing quality and quantity” were recognized as creative-themed obstacles for marketers.

When marketers were asked about how they regularly reach their target audience, 40.5 percent of respondents said distribution was their top challenge. This was followed by SEO (24 percent) and social engagement (19 percent).

B2B Marketers and Content Marketing Objectives

Despite the challenges associated with content marketing, research has found that it remains one of the tactics B2B marketers remain committed to for lead gen.

The “2018 B2B Lead Gen Outlook” report from Chief Marketer discovered that out of all of the channels B2B marketers are focused on, content marketing (44 percent) remains a top priority for lead generation. Approximately 81 percent of respondents stated that they create content in-house.

Email (53 percent), search engine optimization (44 percent), and live events (40 percent) are also top lead generators for B2B marketers.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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