Top-Performing Enterprise Marketers Deliver a Consistent Digital Customer Experience

New research has revealed that high-performing enterprise marketers consider digital customer experience (CX) transformation to be a mindset rather than a project, and they are realizing big payoffs as a result of their efforts.

The “Expectations vs. Experience: The Good, The Bad, The Opportunity” report from Forrester Consulting and Accenture Interactive has discovered that 71 percent of high-performing marketers believe their customer experience is consistent across all digital channels and touchpoints. However, just 58 percent of all other marketers said the same.

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About 90 percent of high performers said that their organization believes it’s critical to include customers directly in their efforts to improve. This is compared to 79 percent of other marketers who concurred.

Data also appeared to play a large role in how marketers delivered a satisfactory CX. Almost 98 percent of top-performing marketers said their company is data-driven around customer experience, while just 55 percent of the remaining marketers said the same. Approximately 91 percent of high performers said data and analytics were critical to driving their customer experience improvements.

The authors of the report define high-performing marketers as those that “prioritize experience transformation as a mindset through a set of distinct behaviors that help drive their success and separate them from their peers.”

Marketers Turning to Data to Optimize the CX

Previous research shows that marketers are specifically using data to improve the customer experience through personalization. The “Making Personalization Possible” report from the CMO Council revealed that 68 percent of marketers are utilizing data and analytics to optimize the customer experience.

Additionally, B2B marketers are now personalizing more customer-facing content, according to Liz Miller, senior vice president of marketing at the CMO Council.

“B2B marketers are connecting the dots,” says Miller. “Rather than just emailing out a new white paper or research report, they are tailoring content and even brochures to be more personalized to an individual buyer or an individual account.”

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