Survey: UX and Marketing Content Play Significant Roles in Website Success

Some marketers choose to focus on website content more than the user experience (UX), but as a new survey shows, there are benefits to sustaining both for business.

The “2016 User Experience Consumer Survey” from Clutch and Brave UX found that 93 percent of customers will return to a company website because of its ease of use. However, 94 percent also said they would do so because the website’s content is valuable.


“You need to elevate the content,” said Jordan DeVries, director of user experience at Brave UX. “Get people to the content they’re looking for so that all the trappings of buttons and frames just kind of melts away and people end up remembering the content.”

The survey also found that certain social media sites are favored for their UX over others. About 75 percent stated that they visit Facebook most frequently, which surpassed other social media platforms, including Instagram (12 percent) and Twitter (9 percent). Two-thirds of respondents also said Facebook is the most “pleasant” and “easy to use” site.

B2B Content Marketing Essentials for Success

B2B marketers continue to achieve their goals through a wide variety of tactics, including social media. The “B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America” report from the Content Marketing Institute discovered that 53 percent would call their content marketing approach “moderately successful.”

Approximately 40 percent believe that social media content will be critical to their content marketing success in 2017. About 52 percent said the same about blogs, while 40 percent stated that email newsletters will play a significant role in their content marketing performance.

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