Social Video Continues to Emerge as a Critical Form of Marketing Content

As marketing videos become more prevalent, new research suggests that this content is playing a significant role during the buying process.

The “State of Social Video: Marketing in a Video-First World” infographic from Animoto recently showed that over the past month (survey published in June 2017), 64 percent of online video consumers indicated that watching a marketing video on Facebook had influenced a purchase decision.

About 84 percent of customers said they watch video on their mobile devices, and 60 percent specifically view branded videos on Facebook daily. This was followed by Instagram (59 percent), Snapchat (58 percent) and YouTube (55 percent).

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On the marketing side, 92 percent of marketers claim they are creating videos with assets they already have. Nearly half (48 percent) of the surveyed marketers develop at least four videos a month.

To cater to the customers who view on mobile devices, 81 percent are optimizing their social videos for mobile. Nearly 39 percent are creating square and/or vertical videos as well.

Marketers Challenged to Deliver Better Video Experiences

Research also suggests that as more customers turn to video, marketers are being challenged to deliver better experiences.

The “Advancing the Ad Experience” report from the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video discovered that when it comes to video, delivering a better ad experience is the biggest challenge for the majority of brand and agency marketers (52 percent).

In addition, it appears that companies cannot decide on who is responsible for making improvements. Most (71 percent) believe it should be their company’s creative departments, while 59 percent think marketing should make changes.

“It starts with the brand marketer, pushing for accountability and collaboration with their agency partners,” the researchers concluded. “Aligning creative and media planning upfront to ensure synchronized execution, while investing in the appropriate level of creatives per screen will provide diversity to combat excessive frequency.”

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